Empowering those who feed us - the farmers


RiceUp in Ilocos Norte!

By Zenos | February 20, 2019

One Big Announcement! We are working with Piddig, Ilocos Norte through the inspired leadership of Mayor Georgina Salazar-Guillen and committed service of former Mayor @Eduardo Guillen. This is our first in Ilocos Region, and we are welcoming others to work and serve with us. Piddig has been an example in the nation how inter-agency collaboration […]

Brigham Young University-Hawaii back to back championship

By Joan Repecilo | May 8, 2019

The Brigham Young University-Hawaii has been recognized again for the Enactus Exposition held in Kansas City, Missouri. Out of 87 universities had participated in this event creating a great impact to their community, BYU-Hawaii has been awarded¬† as first place recognizing the impact they made This Year 2019 to the farmers of Philippines and Cambodia. […]

RiceUp Philippines

By Joan Repecilo | May 2, 2019

RiceUp In The Philippines Farm School The contribution that RiceUp is making to the changing farmers and empowering them as individuals is noticeable. The farmers notice it too. On this trip, we attended the graduation of at least 200 farmer students in Davao, Philippines and conducted the graduation of over 80 farmers in Pampanga. Many […]


To enrich communities through entrepreneurship and sustainable farming systems that benefit both the farmer and consumer.