Brigham Young University-Hawaii back to back championship

The Brigham Young University-Hawaii has been recognized again for the Enactus Exposition held in Kansas City, Missouri. Out of 87 universities had participated in this event creating a great impact to their community, BYU-Hawaii has been awarded  as first place recognizing the impact they made This Year 2019 to the farmers of Philippines and Cambodia. Elvin Laceda, the CEO and co-founder of RiceUp express his deep gratitude for the RiceUp team both on the ground and in BYU-H. This is a back to back success after winning the same event last year 2018.  With the help of mentors Paul John Roger, Paul Wilson, Jason Scott Earl and Shauna Ockey, Ryan Ockey, that the team was able to win.


The team composed of the Presenters Elvin Laceda, Eli Clark, Joseph Duano. Hannah Jansson, and Anna Fogavai with Pattica San. The Supporting Presenters included Cherie Moore, Sabrina Guerra, Zenos Thoreson, Joan Rey and Princess Donato Astle with husband James Astle.

The team is getting ready now for the World- Cup this September 16-18 at San Jose California.